PicsArt MOD APK vs Prisma MOD APK (Detailed Comparison)

We are going to give you a complete comparison of two popular application, PicsArt Mod apk and Prisma Mod apk. Both these application focus and offer tons of photo editing options to make photos more beautiful and eye catching. We will give you tabular comparison so that you can easily understand strengths and weaknesses of these applications.

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Prisma Mod Apk vs PicsArt Mod apk

AI Features

PicsArt Mod Apk has many Ai features like, Ai Stickers, AI Background Change, AI Gif photos and many more AI supported features. On the other hand, Prisma Mod Apk application only provides AI support for adding filters and effects.


Both these application can be used for android, iOS and windows operating system. Photo editors can utilize all the features of these apps on all these platforms.

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PicsArt Gold is based on subscription model but it also offers free version with limited photo editing capabilities. Users have to subscribe PicsArt Gold application to avail wide range of features. On the other hands, Prisma Mod apk also offers free version and paid version to unlocked features and contents. If you want to avail these paid features without any cost, you may download Picsart Mod.

Artistic Filters

Prisma is well renowned application for its unique artistic features. These artistic features are inspired from well known artists.There is no comparison of Prisma app in this regard.

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Social Sharing

PicsArt offers a vibrant community where the users of application can share their art work and creations in this community. They can participate in different challenges offered in community.On the other hand, Prisma mod apk application offers a social community where users can share their ideas.

Export Options

User can download high quality images after editing and can share it on any social media platform like facebook, tiktok, instagram etc. PicsArt did partnership with bumble and discord that has not only extended the editing capabilities but also provides guidelines of photography.

No Watermark

Watermarks appear in free version of both these applications. But if you want to remove these watermarks, you have to pay and get subscription of these applications.

Support and Updates

Both these apps provide excellent support to its users. PicsArt more frequently update its application to updated features to the users.

Tabular Comparison of PicsArt Mod Apk and Prisma Mod Apk

InformationPicsArt Mod apkPrisma Mod Apk
PlatformiOS, Android, windowsiOS, Android, windows
CostFreemium (In-app purchases available)Freemium (In-app purchases available)
User InterfaceIntuitive and feature-richSimple and user-friendly
Editing CapabilitiesExtensive photo editing tools and collage makerArtistic photo filters and effects
Photo Editing ToolsFilters, effects, layers, blending modes,AI stickers, text, and drawing, AI Gif generatorN.A
Artistic FiltersBasic filters with some artistic effectsExtensive library of artistic filters inspired by famous artists
AI Powered EffectsAI-based photo effects and background remover,GIF GeneratorAI-powered artistic filters
Community and social sharingPicsArt community for sharing and discovering artworkPrisma social platform for sharing and exploring user creations
CollaborationSupports remixing and collaborative editing of photosN.A
Export OptionsHigh-resolution image export and sharing optionsHigh-resolution image export and sharing options
SubscriptionPicsArt Gold for additional featuresPrisma Premium for more filters and exclusive styles
Support and UpdatesRegular updates with bug fixes and new featuresRegular updates with improvements and new filters


PicsArt and Prisma mod apk are popular photo editing apps catering to different creative needs. PicsArt offers a wide range of photo editing tools and functionalities, making it suitable for users who enjoy experimenting with various editing options. On the other hand, Prisma is perfect for those seeking to add artistic flair to their photos with its extensive collection of artistic filters inspired by renowned artists. Ultimately, the choice between PicsArt and Prisma depends on individual preferences and the type of photo editing experience one is looking for.