How Easy To Convert JPG To PNG? (Complete Guide in 2024)

Are you looking for a secret JPG to PNG format conversion tool that is free and also available online? Congrats! You are in the right spot. Picsart quick tool gives a free online JPG to PNG converter tool. So, you don’t need to spend money and precious time going through a hectic procedure of JPG to PNG conversion.

Convert JPG to PNG format

What’s The Difference Between JPG And PNG?

JPG and PNG are the two main popular image formats in the photography industry. Both are used in different scenarios. Photographers prefer the JPG format because of its sharpness and compression feature. At the same time, PNG is the preferable format for web developers because it supports transparency. Furthermore, we also have picsart mod apk on our website, you can download and enjoy premium features.

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What is JPG Format?

JPG is the short form of the Joint Photographic Expert Group. Photographers prefer this format because of its compression feature to retain the quality of photos. JPG uses a loose compression method, which means some of the image data is discarded during this process to make smaller files. That’s why JPG is preferable to use on social media and other digital forums.

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What is PNG Format?

PNG is an abbreviation of portable network graphics and is a widely used standard, especially for web development. This format does not support compression, which is why it maintains its high quality. PNG supports transparency, making it more suitable for logos, graphics, and images with intricate info

JPG vs PNG Quality

Choosing between the JPG and PNG format completely depends on the specific requirements of the users. JPGs are considered more suitable when users want to reduce the size of the image with slight quality degradation. While PNGs are preferable in web development, where quality matters more.PNGs ensure quality preservation, transparency, and image sharpness.

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Why Should You Convert JPG to PNG?

When we have to choose between JPGs and PNGs images only quality is the most important factor to consider. We can’t sacrifice image quality to reduce file size, especially in situations when working on marketing material or some high-profile projects

In most cases, we prefer and use PNGs because this format does not support compression, which means we don’t need to worry about image distortion while uploading on internet websites. Our image will appear the same as it looks on our local computer. The only drawback of a PNG image file is its large file size as it does not support compression and retain all the info of the image. Larger images take more time to upload and download and also create page speed problems.

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Create Transparent Images

The main reason why people convert JPG images to PNG Images is Transparency. For example, if we have an image with a lot of empty white space and want to remove this space, then PNGs are the best choice. PNG offers a transparency feature, though this task can be done easily. JPGs need detailed color info for each pixel. That’s why it is only used for printing images with complete pixel details.

Create Transparent Images

Create High-Quality Web Graphics

Much like JPGs find favor among photographers, PNGs hold a special place in the hearts of web designers. When it comes to intricate, high-contrast web designs, PNG files often emerge as the superior choice, offering unrivaled detail. They also shine as the default option for screenshot images, faithfully representing your desktop without pixel compression. Whether you’re crafting a brand logo, vibrant illustration, or a captivating Facebook cover, PNG remains the top pick. With its rich color range and lossless compression, you can dive into your creative endeavors without fretting over detail loss.

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You Can Preserve Images

PNGs offer more quality images because they support lossless compression, which means PNGs don’t lose any data when you save, share, or upload PNGs or even during editing. At the same time, you may lose some important image info when you are working with JPG images.

PNGs are considered more usable and preferable when we have to ensure image quality and sharpness, especially for high-definition logos, infographics, marketing material, and Pena flexes.

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What’s The Easiest Way To Convert JPG To PNG?

You can easily convert JPG images to PNG images by using free online picsart quicktools. Quicktools is a free format convertor tool that offers a variety of tools. If you’re in the process of converting JPG images for integration into a larger project, you’re in the perfect spot. Quicktools offers a user-friendly suite of features, allowing you to tap into your creative potential through its online photo editor, color palette generator, professional-grade AI copy, and more.

The best thing is that you don’t need to subscribe and install editing software to work with Quicktools. You need to browse picsart quick tools and start conversion. Here is the procedure how to convert JPGs to PNGs by using Picsart Quicktools:

  • Open the Web Browser and Search Picsart Quicktools JPG to PNG.
  • When the Picsart Quicktools JPG to PNG interface is opened, select and browse your image or drag and drop your image. After uploading a JPG image, it will instantly convert your image to PNG.
JPG vs PNG quality
  • Your PNG is ready to download. Just click on download and save it


PicsArt QuickTools provides an efficient, cost-free solution for converting JPG to PNG images effortlessly. Understanding the differences between these formats is crucial for making the right choice in various scenarios. While JPG is suitable for web sharing with minimal quality loss, PNG shines in web development and projects where image quality is paramount. PNG’s transparency and preservation of image details make it an excellent choice for transparent images and high-quality web graphics. With a straightforward process and no need for subscriptions or software installation, PicsArt QuickTools simplifies the conversion, empowering you to harness the best of both formats for your creative needs.